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2023 Baofeng UV-17R Unboxed and TESTED with the TinySA
The great folks at have their videos and training information in one place.
49:1 End Fed Half Wave Multi-Band HF Antenna 80m - 10m
7 Things When Building Your Ham Radio Shack
BAOFENG 5RM Unboxing - Camera Man
Baofeng UV-17 PRO GPS Review: Is this the best Baofeng ever?
Baofeng UV-S9 Plus: Successor to the UV-5R?
Basic Antenna Theory (HF Dipole)
Best Handheld Ham Radio UNDER $100?
Best Radios 2023
Building A Basic Dipole Antenna
Building a Random Wire Antenna
Buying a Power Supply - Beginner Ham Radio
Choosing a Battery for HAM Radio
Episode 1 - Intro, How Big and Where To Place The Shack
Episode 2 - How do I Power all my Ham Shack Equipment
Episode 3 - Shack Grounding and Bonding
Episode 4 Organize Shack Feed Lines
Episode 5: Installing an Outside Coax Single Point Ground Panel
Episode 6: Review and Demo of the MFJ Window Feed Through
Episode 7: Next Level Storage
Feet to Meter Converter
Finally - an Honest and Real FT-891 Radio Review
Five CLEVER things you didn't know the FT-891 did
For New Ham Operators: How to hook up your gear
Ham Radio 2.0 - Best Ham Radio Base Station for 2023
Ham Radio Antennas for Beginners - Build Your Own Today!
Ham Radio Basics: Station Setup VHF/UHF/HF Radios
HF Indoor Loop Antenna DIY - Simple & Easy to Build
How To Build A Simple Dipole Antenna For Any Band!
How To Get Started In Ham Radio Easy
ICOM IC-7300 Review and Full Walk Through
Jim, W6LG Sets Up a Basic Ham Radio Station
My thoughts on the Icom Ic-7300 after one year of use
NEW Yaesu FTdx10 Hybrid SDR Ham Radio Review
Newest Xiegu X6100 2023 Review
Overcome Mic Fright, Calling CQ and your First Radio Contact
Quansheng uv-k5
Setting Up a Panadapter with a SDR radio
So, I got a Baofeng 5RM
Sometimes Less is More - ICOM IC-718
SWR & Power Meter for HAM Radio
The Kenwood TS 590SG Review. A Quick Look!
Top 5 HF Ham Radio Antennas for Beginners
Top 5 Mistakes New Hams Make - Ham Radio
Top 5 Reasons to Get Your HAM Radio License
What is the best wire antenna?
Xiegu G90 - The Ultimate Travel Rig
Xiegu G90 Portable SDR Review, Low Cost HF
Xiegu X6100 Transceiver Review